Verification Page

Welcome to the BLUETICK verification page on CarerConnect. BLUETICK verification is an additional feature we offer to healthcare professionals to enhance their profile credibility and provide reassurance to users of the CarerConnect platform. This page outlines the process and requirements for obtaining BLUETICK verification.

What is BLUETICK Verification?

BLUETICK verification is a profile verification process designed to confirm the authenticity and reliability of healthcare professionals listed on CarerConnect. When healthcare professional successfully completes the BLUETICK verification process, they receive a distinctive BLUETICK badge on their profile, indicating that their identity and credentials have been verified.

BLUETICK Verification Requirements:

To request BLUETICK verification, healthcare professionals are required to upload the following documents:

  • Personal Image/Passport Size Image: A clear and identifiable image showing at least 60% of the healthcare professional’s face, with a natural appearance.
  • Identity Proof: A valid and current identification document such as a Passport or Driving Licence.
  • Address Proof: A recent Bank Statement or Electricity/Energy Bill that verifies the healthcare professional’s residential address.
  • DBS Certificate: A Basic or Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Certificate issued within the last two years.
  • Right-To-Work Document: A valid Biometric Resident Permit or equivalent document that confirms the healthcare professional’s right to work in the UK.
  • Resume/CV: A comprehensive resume or curriculum vitae highlighting the healthcare professional’s qualifications, experience, and expertise.
  • National Insurance Number: The healthcare professional’s valid National Insurance Number for identity verification.

Optional Documents:

The following documents are optional but can provide additional credibility to the healthcare professional’s profile:

  • Driving Licence
  • Training & Certifications
  • Work Insurance

BLUETICK Verification Process:

Uploading Documents: Healthcare professionals can request BLUETICK verification by securely uploading the required documents through their CarerConnect account.

Document Review: Our verification team carefully reviews the uploaded documents to ensure compliance with our verification standards.

Profile Badge: Upon successful document verification, a BLUETICK badge is added to the healthcare professional’s profile, indicating their verified status.

Maintaining Verification Status:

It is important to note that the BLUETICK verification is based on the information and documents provided at the time of the request. As time passes, the validity of the documents may expire. It is the responsibility of UK residents, service users, or clients to conduct appropriate checks and reconfirm the verification status before collaborating or using the services of a healthcare professional listed on CarerConnect.

Please remember that the BLUETICK verification serves as an additional layer of assurance, but it is not a guarantee of the healthcare professional’s ongoing compliance or performance. Users are encouraged to thoroughly review and assess the healthcare professional’s qualifications, credentials, and suitability for their specific requirements.

For any questions or concerns regarding the BLUETICK verification process, please contact our support team at

At CarerConnect, we are committed to facilitating connections between UK residents and trusted healthcare professionals. The BLUETICK verification is one of the ways we strive to maintain the integrity and quality of our platform.