Fundamentals of Challenging Behaviour

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About Course

Understanding and effectively addressing challenging behavior is crucial for professionals across various fields, including educators, healthcare providers, social workers, and parents. The “Fundamentals of Challenging Behavior” online course is designed to provide comprehensive insights into the underlying causes, assessment, and management strategies for challenging behaviors. This course combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, equipping participants with the skills and understanding needed to navigate and address challenging behaviors in diverse settings.

  1. Understanding Challenging Behavior: Explore the various forms and causes of challenging behavior, including developmental, environmental, and psychological factors.
  2. Assessment Techniques: Learn how to conduct thorough assessments to identify the root causes of challenging behavior and develop personalized intervention plans.
  3. Effective Communication Strategies: Develop communication skills to establish positive relationships and manage challenging behaviors through clear and empathetic communication.
  4. Behavior Management Techniques: Acquire a toolkit of evidence-based strategies for preventing and addressing challenging behavior, including positive reinforcement, redirection, and de-escalation techniques.
  5. Collaborative Approaches: Understand the importance of collaboration among professionals, caregivers, and stakeholders in creating a supportive environment for individuals with challenging behaviors.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of challenging behavior and its underlying causes.
  • Develop practical skills for assessing and managing challenging behaviors.
  • Enhance communication skills to build positive relationships with individuals exhibiting challenging behavior.
  • Acquire evidence-based strategies for effective behavior management.
  • Learn collaborative approaches to create a supportive environment for individuals with challenging behaviors.

Course Content

Introduction to Challenging Behavior

  • Understanding Challenging Behavior
  • Types of Challenging Behaviours
  • Impact on individuals, caregivers, and the community
  • Recognizing the signs and early intervention
  • Contributing Factors: Biological, environmental, and social factors
  • Role of mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders

Behavioral Assessment

Understanding Mental Health and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

Communication and De-escalation Techniques

Ethical and Legal Considerations

Case Studies and Practical Application

Resources and Further Learning

Project Work

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